Posted on 2004/01/05

Amy yawning

Merry Christmas Amy!

Amy and Andrew

Amy, assessing the “loot” but not quite getting it

opening her first present

opening her first present

I Spy

I Spy a bewildered little girl

opening Barbie from Nana

Barbie from Nana

doctor kit

she’s seen these things before…

blood pressure check!

… but this time, she’s not the patient!

Andrews smile

Andrew the doctor

Dr. Andrew

the loot

all the gifts piled on the rocking couch from Grandpa

all dressed up

all dressed up and ready to go to Grandma’s

A & A smiling

awake after nap

beautiful dress and a side of bedhead

Andrews quilt

Andrew asleep on his new quilt

Jamie storytelling

Jamie the storyteller

Jackie smiling

Rare pic of Jackie

Amy and the bear

my $20 Boxing Day bargain bear

Amy kissing the bear

Amy kissing her new friend

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