Posted on 2004/05/19

Ok – Long ride this morning.

2.5 hours.

45 km

average 17.6km/h

I’m in a moderate amount of pain – centred rather precisely on my bronchial passages. Too much of the ride was concurrent with traffic. Too much of that traffic was powered by fossil fuel internal combustion engines. It was not a pretty picture. I’ve spent 8 hours in a goth night club filled with cigarette smoke and not felt this much pain.

The Raleigh Grand Prix is a sweet ride. Key things to remember. Big ring on front and middle ring on the back makes for a good cadence on level ground. Waterbottles are in a good location. Need to find/acquire a handlebar bag to put the snacks and toolkit into. Need to acquire a new seat post and handlebar stem — this will require that the handlebars be re-wrapped – major suckage. Should look into a new seat. I’m not completely convinced about the seat thing – after 45kms, my butt is not that sore. Maybe it’ll be different after 160kms.

I need to find a bike store that is in-between cyclepath (expensive, geared to the “sport” cyclist) and Vettor’s (less expensive, geared to the road racer). Maybe on a slightly slower ride home tomorrow, I’ll stop at the one in Port Credit, it looks promising.

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