Posted on 2004/05/26

The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century :: Almost 30 years later, and I still don’t belong Exactly in tune with the accordion guy. He’s got a real point. My Canada includes people who are not from here and people (when I can find a few that are left) who have been here for a few thousand years more than the rest I can find about. Part of the whole Canadian moment is realizing that we all (whether born here or not) are in Canada specifically because it is not somewhere else. We might be proud of where we are from, we might carry some of that history, but we are (or should be) more proud of where we are now, of where we can take this wonderful country and of where we SHOULD take this wonderful country – to make it a place that is worthy of everyone who has come before us and scratched a living out of the ground to give their children a better life than they had. And to the DoubleDumbAss from EnterStageRight – My Canada does still include you, just as it still includes Gilles Duceppe, Paul Bernardo, and lots of other people that are small minded and disagreeable cusses. I don’t want you out of Canada, I want you here to remind us all of exactly what we don’t want this to be a country of.

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