Posted on 2004/06/09

Updates on the bike/health progress…

I did the bi-directional bike commute last week. It is perfectly do-able. I know that I couldn’t have done it 3 weeks ago, but constant pushing of the limits of my capabilities has made it happen. That’s a 92km total trip – total time spent in the saddle of about 3:40h — not too bloody bad! That was Thursday.

Fast forward to Saturday.

I had to go and help with set up for the Streetsville Bread and Honey Festival booth that Jackie was participating in, so I lashed the bits and pieces I’d need to the bike and hustled over there — only 5kms away. I was so happy I’d done that rather than dragging 4000lbs of vehicle along for the short trip!

Sunday dawned started very early about 5:30 am. I headed toward the city – attempting to make the meetup with my boss at about 7am. I was running behind as I enjoyed the sunrise along the way, but made it in plenty of time. We headed over to the Heart and Stroke Ride for Life starting line (along with roughly 13,000 other people) and jockeyed for starting position. About 8:45 we were finally on the road – riding up onto the Gardiner Expressway – experiencing the smoothest pavement I’ve ever felt under the wheels! As we made the turn going down to the DVP, there was the first accident – some guy not paying attention and the person behind him paying less attention – collision and fractured everything. Made our way up the DVP (hilly freakin road! check it yourself!) and I got lost around the lawrence exit – I just don’t have the gearing for going fast up hills (can’t spin fast enough). Caught up at the turn around, had a banana and an orange and a litre of water, then headed back. The total of that trip was 44km. Got to the finish line and had the meagre lunch offered – don’t they know it takes SERIOUS energy to go like that? Sat around for a bit and then made the (entirely bravado) statement that I was going to ride home – knowing that I’d end up calling home and begging for help. I did it though. Without really noticing. Got to streetsville in time to meet up with the family for a wander around the B&H Fest. Total ride distance: 117km. Average speed over entire ride (hills and all) 21km/h. Not too bad.

Oh yeah, and one whole set of clothes is too big and baggy to actually wear. But I’m inbetween that and the next size down — another month or two and I’ll be fine, until then – I need a lot of laundry!

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