Posted on 2004/06/20

Well, yesterday we completed the (halved) ironbelly2 bike tour challenge.

I (along with 6 other people) rode from Oakville GO Station to Niagara Falls. In 8 hours. Including several 15-20 minute breaks and an hour lunch break.

That’s 120kms. With just leg power.

I attained 45km/h on a level straightaway while being paced by a motorcycle rider. I think he was impressed. I know I was.

I did several stretches of road at over 35km/h — not just for a few moments, but for longer stretches — 10-15 minutes. I ate alot along the way, didn’t have enough water, disproved the “ultra-sweatproof” claim of coppertone sport spf30, and basically had a wonderful time.

Last year’s ironbelly found me the worst rider, barely able to maintain 17km/h average, walking up most hills, generally falling behind and delaying the whole trip (9 hours to do 80km), finishing the day by flopping into a sleeping bag and spending the next two days moaning and complaining and being unable to move.

This year, I set the pace, maintained a speed (exclusive of breaks) averaging 28km/h, rode up the niagara parkway as hit crests Queenston Heights without stopping, let alone walking, and finished the day with the ability to keep going.

My boss – who normally gives positive praise and/or compliments on a roughly bi-annual basis – asked me how it felt to go from being the worst rider to the best rider. High high praise.

Oh, and today, I’m wearing 38 waist pants. With room to spare. For the first time in more than 2 years.

Go me.

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