Posted on 2004/11/14

London Free Press: News Section – A father’s grief

Marc Woerlen.

My Hero.

I cannot put into words my feelings on this story. The picture tells more than a thousand words. A man, walking with his wife’s coffin, behind the coffins of 6 of his children, carrying the coffin of his youngest. That he can stand at all is a tribute to his strength of character. I do not know that I could be that strong.

I know that he will never read this. I know that he will never know how he has crystallized my soul in being the best father I possibly can for my family.

He sits alone this morning, I’m surrounded by my children and my home echos with joyous shouts of “Donuts! Papa got Donuts!” Never again will I take a moment of it for granted.

Days when I come home from work, feeling like I just want to be left alone, are over.

Being awoken by having a TV remote jammed into my sleeping eye socket cause no anger.

I will do my best to make the lives of these children the best that can be, and Marc will never be far from my mind. Because he can do his job against all odds, I can do mine with a smile on my face and an indescribable joy in my heart.

I will have more thoughts on this as time passes, I will write more.

My faith has always remained separate from my religion. My religion took a beating when I was a teenager. My faith has remained strong, although it deviates from my religion. Simultaneously, this event has seriously challenged my faith and strengthened it. I don’t know why this tragedy befell Marc. I will not know in this lifetime. I pray for Marc that he will survive the torment of his soul until he can find peace with his family.

I love you family. Slightly more today than yesterday. I will do better for you, I promise.

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