Posted on 2004/11/14

A message for my children on Nov 11/04

It’s 11am. I’m sitting at my desk observing 2 minutes of silence for those who have fallen in defense of our country and our ideals.

I find it very interesting that your generation will be even more separated from war than mine. I was born during a time of a war that was being fought on the other side of the globe. I grew up in the time of the cold war, when missles could streak over the north pole from the USSR to the USA at any point. I watched as the gulf wars (both of them) happened. I watched Canada work to maintain peace in the former Yugoslavia and the horrors of Somalia.

I wonder if it’s part of the human condition that requires war.

I hope for all of our sakes that you never know war.

But you need to remember how important it is that wars have been fought. When you see the ageing heros standing at the cenotaphs, remember, that one day they were young like you, that one day they had dreams of a future like the future you dream of. And that when they were needed, they stood up and took the risk… the projection of military force in order to acheive a better world for us all.

If it ever comes to it, I will stand up and fight for your future.

If it ever comes to it, I hope you will stand up and fight for your children’s future.

Always question, always think. But remember the horrors that have happened in the past and ensure that you never narrow your world view to such a point that you aren’t responsible for your own self.

I love you both, terribly, and I want you to have the wonderful world you deserve, not the wreckage that we almost inherited.


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