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Posted on 2012/10/17

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S4 2013 Agenda Is Out; Registration Opens Oct 24th by Dale Peterson

SCADA Security Scientific SymposiumThe agenda for the 2013 SCADA Security Scientific Symposium (S4) is now up. Please take a look at it and be prepared to register at 9AM EDT on October 24th if you want to guarantee a spot. Last year we were sold out in early December, and the 2013 agenda is very hot. The S4 2013 sessions are going to drive discussions inside and outside the technical community.

There is fresh new content at S4 2013 – offensive and defensive, practical case study and theory. While we still had to do a lot of chasing to put the event together, there were more great potential talks for this very technical event than ever.

We had a number of offerings to show an ICS 0-day, but that alone isn’t interesting or enough. The presentation also had to include some new attack technique, show a type of vulnerability not getting enough attention, include a new defense or having something else novel to interest the S4 attendee.

In addition to the two-day S4 conference, we were able to get some of the top technical talent to teach hands-on Advanced ICS Security Training before and after S4:

  • Travis Goodspeed – Hardware Hacking: Reverse Engineering Wireless Embedded Systems
  • Billy Rios/Terry McCorkle – A reprise of last years Hacking and Exploiting EWS and HMI
  • atlas 0f d00m – Flaying Open Subghz Wireless RF using RfCat

You will walk away with actual hardware tools in the first and third class, which bumped that price up $50.

We feel strongly that an event should have a detailed agenda before asking for your time and money. The S4 2013 agenda includes a couple of paragraphs on the sessions. We still have a couple of presentations that are awaiting final approval to present, and the keynote will be announced shortly.

Register as soon as possible after October 24th. Very technical, leading edge ICS security sessions, top researcher and thought leader attendees, and Miami Beach in January should not be missed.

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