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Posted on 2012/10/22

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Drug-war spending versus drug addiction by Cory Doctorow

Here’s Matt Groff‘s chart showing the relationship between US drug-war spending and US drug addiction (or rather, the lack of such a relationship). It’s a compelling way of demonstrating the economic foolishness of the drug war, though that pales in comparison next to the human cost, of course. The sources are the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy. More from The Atlantic‘s Serena Dai:

Groff, who made the chart for his new documentary on the drug war The 1315 Project, says that it shows the costly war on drugs simply isn’t working. A note: The numbers on this chart alone don’t add up to $1.5 trillion, which represents a more inclusive count of drug control spending, with prison costs and state level costs determined by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, but instead to $800 billion. Groff included that $1.5 trillion because the chart appears in the documentary as a source discusses that more complete amount.

A Chart That Says the War on Drugs Isn’t Working

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