From: One Bag, One World – TSA Removes X-Ray Machines

Posted on 2012/10/22

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TSA Removes X-Ray Machines by Frank@OBOW

The TSA has started  to remove x-ray machines, known as Backscatters, from some larger U.S. airports. They will be replaced by millimeter wave machines.

The x-ray machines came under fire because they not only emitted radiation, which at high doses can cause health problems, but also because they displayed a “nude” image of the passenger being screened.

The newer machines are deemed safer than the x-ray and produce a cartoon like image of the passenger rather than a nude photo.

The TSA says the reason the change is occurring is that the newer machines can process people faster and that will shorten wait time.

The x-ray machines removed from the larger airports are being redeployed to smaller ones.

Don’t think the TSA is ruling out x-ray backscatter technology. Recently, it awarded three new contracts for newer model machines, one of which uses the backscatter technology.

Did I mention that the European Union has banned this type of machine because of health concerns?

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