From: Slashdot – Microsoft Urges Businesses To Get Off XP

Posted on 2012/10/22

a quick re-post from Slashdot

Microsoft Urges Businesses To Get Off XP by timothy
An anonymous reader writes “It’s approximately 11 years since Windows XP was unveiled, and this week Microsoft was still at it trying to convince users that it’s time to upgrade. A post on the Windows For Your Business Blog calls on businesses to start XP migrations now. Microsoft cites the main reason as being that support for XP ends in April 2014, and ‘most new hardware options will likely not support the Windows XP operating system.’ If you run Windows Vista, Microsoft argues that it’s time to ‘start planning’ the move to Windows 8. As this article points out, it’s not uncommon to hear about people still running XP at work.”

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